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WATCH: 'I'm happy to be the last Scot standing' says Highland contestant from hit TV show The Traitors

By Annabelle Gauntlett

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The final five of The Traitors, season two finale.
The final five of The Traitors, season two finale.

Evangeline Morrison, (30), from Inverness, was the last Scot standingin BBC's hit TV show, The Traitors.

After spending a month at Ardross Castle in the Highlands, she bonded with 22 contestantswho were also there in the bid to win £120,000 in the ultimate murder mystery game.

While Evie never got the chance to play the role of a traitor, she made it to the final as a faithful.

She said: "I wish I could have had the chance to be a traitor. I went in there thinking that was how you really got immersed into the game because you could control it, but now that I have watched everybody else struggle as a traitor, I've realised that I definitely wouldn't want to be in that position.

"I think every single person in there would have brought something different to being a traitor, so it would have been really interesting to see some of them."

Evie hiking up Seana Bhraigh.
Evie hiking up Seana Bhraigh.

Evie frequently managed to guess many of the traitors first, but she was led away from her suspicions due to the impact of social influence in the game.

She said: "It's really funny because it is one thing figuring out who a traitor is and having your suspicions, but it's another thing entirely being in a group.

"I felt like I was quite good at being able to pick up on things and pick up on people acting differently, but actually the social influence of the group was difficult as it's really, really hard to convince people of a theory.

"It is really difficult to say whether I sussed out the traitors as there were just so many other elements that affected my suspicion."

The Traitors cast, season two.
The Traitors cast, season two.

Throughout the series Evie continued to keep her head down and not cause any drama, which worked in her favour despite not having a long term strategy.

She said: "You do have to take it day by day in there as I think the people that had long term strategies found that they had to change them quite quickly to be adaptable.

"I think as long as you can just keep your head above water and not let it get to you that much, then I'd say that's a good strategy."

Evie with fellow contestant Mollie and presenter Claudia Winkleman.
Evie with fellow contestant Mollie and presenter Claudia Winkleman.

Evie opened up about the emotional toll that the group endured each time they banished (eliminated from the game) a faithful as she said it was the hardest part of the show.

She said: "When you lose one of your own (a faithful), it is really difficult to come to the terms with the fact that you could have played a really big part in that by sending them home."

When talking about how she coped with the emotional toll throughout the game, she said: "It definitely was an intense game, but I do have this skill by being able to detach or not get too close which comes from veterinary nursing, so I took that from my career and used it in The Traitors.

"I do think that kept me level headed and took me to the end, but that final day I was just crying the whole time.

"I erupted and did a month's worth of crying!"

Evie found her home away from home in the hit TV show after spending many of her days on missions surrounding the Highlands.

As she was born and bred in the Highlands, Evie felt like the groups 'unofficial tour guide' and enjoyed gallivanting around her favourite spots.

When talking about when she first felt close to home in the game, she said: "It's really funny because when the Highland Voiceswere in an episode I recognised a girl that I went to school with straight away.

"It was at that point that I felt like I was really close to home."

Evie and her dog Arlo.
Evie and her dog Arlo.

She added: "I think the fact that we did all of our missions in the grounds that I was already really familiar with was lovely.

"The final mission was at Portknockie, which was where I had spent loads of time as a kid, so I really did feel like the unofficial tour guide of the cast."

Evie Morrison hiking in the Isle of Skye.
Evie Morrison hiking in the Isle of Skye.

Despite racking her brain for the best part of the show, Evie struggled to pick just one thing as the whole experience was 'just incredible'.

She said: "I can't pick one thing that was the best part as there was just so much, but I did really enjoy the final dinner party when we all realised we were finalists as it was just amazing to get that far.

"I think all of the missions were incredible and it was great watching the others enjoy the Scottish Highlands as much as I do."

Evie Morrison hiking in the Highlands.
Evie Morrison hiking in the Highlands.

Looking back on her time in the show and finding out who was a faithful and who was a traitor, Evie was shocked.

In the finale one deceitful traitor, Harry (22), won all of the money after mastering a web of lies that enabled the entire group to trust his innocent nature.

Evie said: "I would like to say I got to the final because I was slightly quiet and more reserved, but I think it was because Harry knew I trusted him and knew it would take a lot of me to vote for him.

"Either way, I was really proud to have made it to the final, especially as the only Scot as we seem to have a history at not doing so well at these things, so I was really happy to be a local standing there in the final."

Evie, Harry, Ash, Mollie and Andrew from The Traitors.
Evie, Harry, Ash, Mollie and Andrew from The Traitors.

Evie is now back doing what she loves as a veterinary nurse and continues her love for hiking in the Highlands, but now as a faithful local celebrity.

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