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There's never a good time for bad news

By Susan Brown

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IS there a good time to discover your wellies leak?

Since I don’t normally wander around in them it means I put them on for a reason: because it is raining. Or it’s snowing. Or because it has been doing one or the other and left me with half a ton of sticky "glaur", as my Granny would say, to contend with.

In other words mud, mud glorious mud!

With the wet weather and some pretty high tides it has been interesting walking the beach with the dogs. There are also a couple of rivers that need to be crossed no matter which direction you set off in – whether to Embo or to the point, or towards the bridge – which means the wellies are on because they are needed in order to keep feet dry. Except of course, in my case, they didn’t.

I was not aware that that was going to be the case until it was too late.

Up until then I had been admiring the sun coming up. I had been shouting what seems to be my constant refrain these days: the word "leave", since the pup has a nasty habit of finding dead things buried in the seaweed and running off with them. I could have sworn he was auditioning for a part in a film as Pegasus the flying horse this week, since every morning he managed to find bird remnants which he would take in his teeth while the still attached and feathered wings, flapped on either side of him.

When we have been walking we have been keeping close to the shore so as not to upset the geese gathered for their morning catch-up. The noise from them is unbelievable. I have no idea what they’re saying to one another – perhaps they are discussing flight paths, or great Aunt Gertie’s bumpy landing, but they certainly don’t hold back!

I blame all these various distractions for my wandering through the burn instead of jumping it. It took a good few paces before the wetness penetrated the double layer of socks – first the right foot felt soggy and then the left, but believe me when I tell you that the water is cold right now.

There is no good time to discover your wellies leak! But then is there ever a good time for anything not-so-nice to happen?

We know that life cannot always be a bed of roses, but for most of us it always comes as an unpleasant surprise whenever we are on the receiving end of bad news.

We can wonder what we have done to deserve such a thing – but the truth is that life is just like that. Sometimes it has tears rolling down our cheeks with laughter... and sometimes with despair.

What helps us through both the highs and the lows though, are family and friends around us to share whatever comes our way but especially to help and support us and to carry us through the tougher times.

And if you can stretch to having faith, then things are helped even more by the knowledge that there is a God who is there to lean on when things get difficult and who makes the good times even sweeter still.

Life will always surprise us – but thankfully, we don’t need to face those surprises alone.

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