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Let's shine some light in the darkness

By SPP Reporter

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It’s a question that crops up often. A single word that can convey anything from simple to deep curiosity, pain, confusion, frustration or just plain old nosiness! Why do midges exist? Why is there ice on venues? Why me – or her, or him? Why is there pain in the world? Why do more people not care more?

For me in the last few weeks the same question ‘why’ keeps coming to mind. It is not a very erudite ‘why’. Neither is it moving or earth shattering. In fact it is a bit of a mundane ‘why’ and one that manages to cause me an element of irritation. It rears its ugly head usually when I am driving – and the worse the weather the more persistent a question it is. This is my driving why.... are you ready for it?

Why do people drive on dismal grey days, in the rain and half light, without putting their headlights on?

I know the Highway Code says drivers must put their lights on when the street lights are on, but is it not sensible to put them on even in the middle of the day when poor light and spray from other vehicles makes it really difficult to see other cars and vans?

It is not as though it costs you extra to flick the switch. There is no meter running on all the different appliances operating in your car. Sure, you might need to replace the bulbs slightly more often, but weighing that minor inconvenience against someone driving into you and there really is no contest.

And that ‘why’ question that irritates me so much leads on to another related why. Why do people use sidelights? Do they only half want to be seen? I can’t understand the reasoning. You’ve flicked the switch, why not live cautiously and flick it one notch further and increase a hundredfold your chances of being seen?

Not putting on headlights carries consequences not just for the occupants of the darkened car, but for others who happen to be using the road – or crossing it!

I know, I know, I probably need to get out more if that’s the kind of thing I let get under my skin. But getting out more, means I’ll be on the road more and see more people driving without their lights on and the blood pressure will keep rising.

So, will you do a sad wee wifie a favour? Whenever it’s raining or dull, drive full on – not hitting the accelerator, but the light switch and make sure that you all stay safe this winter. Susan Brown.

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