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Community council chairman proposes measures to deal with 'out of control' parking at Dornoch beach

By Caroline McMorran

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Vehicle parking at Dornoch beach is ‘out of control’ according to the chairman of Dornoch Area Community Council (DACC).

Paddy Murray is now proposing measures he claims will bring to heel drivers of cars and motorhomes who park where they are not supposed to.

His suggested controls include bollards, signs and, ultimately, double yellow lines and a traffic regulation order.

Motorhomes at Dornoch beach top car park
Motorhomes at Dornoch beach top car park

Mr Murray has set out his proposals in a document which he has forwarded to community council members.

It is expected to be discussed when the group held its regular monthly meeting tonight.

Dornoch beach has two car parks - a top area overlooking the beach and which is regularly crammed with motor homes during the summer, and an ‘overflow’ car park.

There is another large car park in the town - on Struie Road.

However, such is the pressure for space that motorhomes and other vehicles can regularly be seen parked on the edge of the road.

Mr Murray wants bollards to be erected to prevent drivers parking on Common Good Land beside the road.

He is proposing that the road to the beach be designated an official single-track road and that passing places be inserted.

“This can be done immediately and should help prevent parking on the road, although it will still not make it illegal to stop on the verge/road,” states Mr Murray.

He goes on to say that the only mechanism to stop parking on the verge and roadside is a traffic regulation order coupled with double yellow lines.

“Although this will take time, we should immediately start the process to arrange both double yellow lines and a traffic regulation orders,” he says.

Mr Murray also wants to see signs at the approach to the top park - at the junction of Beach Road and Golf Road - and also at the approach to the overflow car park, stating ‘No parking for campervans/motorhomes ahead'.

In addition he wants to see motorhome drivers charged a compulsory parking fee of £10 for 24 hours, but with a right to a £5 discount for the use of Dornoch Caravan Site’s waste disposal facility. Car drivers would be ‘invited to pay’ a charge.

Mr Murray is proposing that the parking restrictions be enforced by a warden, the cost of which would be met by the income from parking charges.

He is now asking the community council to approach Highland council with his recommendations.

He stated: “Recent discussions with traffic officer Shane Manning and others lead me to believe that the recommendations will be favourably received.”

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