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Anger over damage to Mackay stone

By SPP Reporter

The damaged stone.
The damaged stone.

ONE of six standing stones erected 10 years ago as part of the Mackay Country initiative has been vandalised.

The six-feet high Caithness slab, situated at the Crask, is thought to have been hit by a heavy object, causing a piece of the stone to fall away and leaving a hole behind.

The graffiti “BLHK” has also been daubed onto the stone which sports a Celtic design and the Gaelic welcome “Failte”.

The incident happened at some point during the last three weeks.

Mackay Country Community Trust officials were upset and disappointed by the damage, which would not be repaired because of a lack of funding.

Trust secretary Ronnie Lansley said: “This particular stone has stood on that site unharmed since 2004 and it now looks as if it has been given a wallop from the back with a hole put through it. I don’t understand why anyone would want to do it deliberately. I don’t know if it could have happened by accident.”

The Mackay Country project aimed to promote Strathnaver, stronghold of the Mackay clan. Six marker stones were erected at a cost of £10,000 in 2004 at Kylesku; Achfary, Forsinard, Dalvina, Crask and on the A836 at the Caithness/Sutherland border

Mr Lansley said: “The stones at Forsinard and on the Caithness/Sutherland border were damaged a year after they were erected and were replaced three years ago at a cost of £1500 each. The trust won’t be able to replace another – not unless we are given a donation to cover the cost.”

Anyone with any information about the damage is asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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