Published: 03/09/2016 08:00 - Updated: 01/09/2016 14:37

New course would be a boon for Dornoch


Sir – If Scotland is to build an onshore economy, then it must be prepared to grasp any opportunity that becomes available.

This is precisely the policy that enabled Dornoch to recover after the rig building jobs disappeared.

While some of the leaders of the golfing fraternity may damn with faint praise the proposal to build a championship links golf course at Coul Links, Embo, citizens of the Royal Burgh would be well advised to welcome it with enthusiasm.

It is seldom that we are offered such a gift for our economy on a silver platter and future generations would not forgive us for a surly response to such an imaginative proposal.

The population of Dornoch has doubled during the last two decades. Many of our new inhabitants are young families attracted to a lively and forward looking town.

Let us grasp this golden opportunity.

At the hustings held at Clashmore Hall prior to the last election, our new MSP publicly supported the new golf course. Let us see whether she can deliver on her promise.

Duncan Allan,

Tigh Allan,

Meadows Park Road,



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