Published: 09/09/2016 17:00 - Updated: 08/09/2016 14:27

A sixth course is not needed near Dornoch


Sir – I chose to live and work in Dornoch and have resided here for nearly 50 years. I was attracted by the wild beauty and peace of the area, its wonderful sea, landscapes and wildlife – all of which I feel we have a duty to preserve.

I am appalled that the Coul golf proposal, if it comes to pass, will despoil so much that should be available for us all to enjoy.

I am also anxious about the effect it will have on many local people regarding their livelihoods, safe travel etc and on tourism.

I question the following:

n The need for yet another links course when we have five already (Brora, Golspie, Royal Dornoch, Struie and Skibo).

n How many of the general public will see the benefits from this?

n How can the developers not break the law, damaging the SSSI, SPA and Ramsar sites (set up to protect the Coul land) if they bring in heavy plant to move tons of sand to create the firm base for the golf?

n How can the developers ensure that the construction of the proposed course and buildings will not cause disturbance to wildlife, some of which are protected? The works must affect the ecological balance and the water table of the area.

n Have the developers given regard to the effects that global warming and other climate change could have on the development and will they take the necessary precautions to prevent or lessen the effects of these? These effects have been seen more often in recent years and with greater damage.

n How are people expected to get to the golf course? The two access roads are single track (or mostly so) with few small passing places. Access to/from the A9 to the coast road is very dangerous, on a blind bend. There would be many improvements needed to make the road surface safe for all extra traffic which will have heavy and large vehicles. The coast road is barely 10 feet away from the high tide line on spring tides. Who will pay for the road improvements?

Golf courses cover a large acreage of land in the vicinity of Dornoch and I feel that any ardent golfer is already able to find sufficient variety in the choice of the 90 holes that existing courses provide.

Thus I say, thank you for this offer but a sixth course is not necessary. Coul Links need not be desecrated. It should be left intact as habitats providing for the special species they support.

Ann B Purton MBE,


Earl’s Cross Road,



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