Published: 10/02/2017 15:49 - Updated: 10/02/2017 15:52

Police tell drivers to drive carefully after road accidents in the north today

Low sun has caused problems for drivers.
Low sun has caused problems for drivers.

Police in the north are re-issuing winter driving advice following a series of collisions across the division today.

Around 8.30am this morning, six vehicles were involved in two separate collisions between North Kessock and Tore on the Black Isle. Two vehicles required recovery.

Fortunately no-one was seriously injured and officers in attendance directed traffic until recovery was complete.

There were also minor collisions reported in Orkney and Shetland following overnight wintery showers.

Inspector Neil Lumsden, Trunk Road Policing Unit reiterated advice: "Similar to other collision in recent weeks, we believe a contributory factor to be the presence of a low lying sun, causing reduced visibility for drivers.

"Once again it is fortunate no-one has serious injuries but these collisions resulted in disruption on a main road during the busy morning period. It is also important to remind drivers of the importance of driving to the road conditions and adjusting their speed accordingly.

"In situations of reduced visibility drivers should reduce their speed and extend the distance between them and the vehicle in front. This will not only give them sufficient time to react to what is happening in front of them, but allow then to extend their braking distance so the driver behind also has time to respond."

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