Published: 10/11/2017 11:03 - Updated: 10/11/2017 15:31

Panel praises creativity of flag design entrants


A competition is under way to design a flag for Sutherland.
A competition is under way to design a flag for Sutherland.
FOLLOWING last Monday's deadline, organisers of the great Sutherland Flag Competition have revealed more details about the range of entries received.


Secretary of the selection panel Colin Gilmour said there had been a "phenomenal" 328 entries, reflecting the wide interest shown in the project throughout Sutherland and particularly from the county's schools.

He said: "The selection panel was very impressed with the imaginative thought put into each design, with a wide variet of configurations depicting the varying Sutherland landscape, wildlife and life across the county.

"Salmon proved themost popular fish, whils deer, otter, eagles, wild cats and Highland cattle and sheep featured in many illustrations.

"Mullet stars, used in heraldry to depict any star shaped charge with rays, featured strongly.

"There were a few Viking helmets, including one with blood dripping from it, and also a train being pulled by a team of horses, with the comment that the horses were included to demonstrate just how often the trains break down in Sutherland!"

The selection panel spent a day looking at all the entries and chose three entries which will be amalgamated to make up the final design.

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