Published: 09/02/2018 12:00 - Updated: 08/02/2018 16:36

Megan Boyd fishing flies go for £22,000 at auction


Ten of the collection.
Ten of the collection.


A unique collection of 47 Megan Boyd of Brora’s salmon fishing flies went up for auction, selling for a staggering £22,000.

This was more than £10,000 above the estimated top bid.

The flies were all fully dressed, all different and came in the original wrappers with each fly named, hand-written by Megan Boyd, together with the original hand-written envelope containing them.

In their catalogue, auctioneers Mullocks (of Shropshire) say: “The consignor, a keen shot and fisherman, lived and worked in Brora and Wick from 1972-1988 and became good friends with Megan. He eventually persuaded her to make four dozen fully dressed flies which she only agreed to because there was no time limit.

“The consignor’s intention was to display the flies and he can recollect Megan saying that she used special tinsels to prevent tarnishing. The consignor eventually received them from Megan in a re-used envelope which was addressed to her in Brora and stamped November 1978, so these date from after that time.

“The consignor never got around to framing them and they have been in their original wrappers even since – rust-free, untarnished and unfaded.

“The consignor, who is now back in Scotland, came across this remarkable collection while downsizing and offers the unique and rare opportunity for the connoisseur fly collector to acquire probably the largest single, cohesive collection of Megan Boyd flies in existence.”

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