Published: 05/09/2017 11:13 - Updated: 05/09/2017 14:26

Keep your flag designs simple, says expert


A competition is under way to design a flag for Sutherland.
A competition is under way to design a flag for Sutherland.


THE great Sutherland flag competition is underway but designing a flag to represent such a diverse and geographically vast county is no mean feat.

Fortunately, a well-know flag expert was on hand this week to give tips and advice on the best flag designs.

Vexicollogist Philip Tibbetts, of the Flag Institute, gave presentations to schools across Sutherland on Monday and Tuesday.

The flag competition was launched on August 21 and is being run by the county’s Lord Lieutenancy team, headed up by Lord Lieutenant Dr Monica Main.

Lord Lyon Dr Joseph Morrow, has already given the go-ahead for Sutherland to have its own flag and has agreed to officially register the winning design in the register of the Lyon Court.

Anyone can enter the contest but entries must be in by Friday, September 29.

Mr Tibbetts designed the flag for Kircudbrightshire which was registered in 2016. It shows a cross on a green and white quartered background and represents the checked cloth used to count taxes by the stewards of the Lords of Galloway.

He cites amongst his favourite flags the one for Merionethshire which features three dancing goats and a sun.

Caithness registered its own flag in 2016 following a competition It features a Nordic cross and galley symbolising Caithness’ ancient ties to the Vikings.

Four areas in Scotland currently have flags – Caithness, Kircudbrightshire, Orkney and Shetland.

Mr Tibbetts spoke to pupils at Kinlochbervie, Farr, Golspie and Dornoch. He advised that simplicity was the key and that designs should not be over complicated.

For further information and advice as well as to download the competition pack, click the links on the Northern Times website and Facebook page.

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