Published: 19/06/2015 10:30 - Updated: 18/06/2015 15:04

Developers warn of 'inaccurate information' being circulated about Carbisdale Castle plans

Concern over mis-leading information over Casrbisdale Castle.
Concern over mis-leading information over Casrbisdale Castle.

The project team behind the planned refurbishment of Carbisdale Castle have expressed concern at what they claim is inaccurate information which is circulating locally about apparent changes to the development.

Project team members attended a meeting with Culrain and District Hall Committee on June 2 to continue to advise on the progress of the project – to buy the historic building from the Scottish Youth Hostel Association and transform it into a luxury hotel.

But Tim Griffin, lead consultant on the development, has told the Northern Times: “It has become apparent since this meeting that inaccurate information has been brought to the attention of the local community.

“We are aware of misinformation or mis-interpretation of facts involving various points of the project that have been circulated in the local community.

“We are looking now to both highlight and actively address this issue within the local community. We would ask people in the community to be aware of this when information about Carbisdale Castle is being circulated.”

Minutes from the recent meeting of Ardgay and District Community Council read:

“Carbisdale Castle update. New plans have been brought forward which include the proposal for 10-12 houses which it is hoped would help with the provision of funds for the hotel development. The number of rooms in the hotel has been reduced to 19 with the expected staff number reduced from 90 to 57. A helipad for up to six helicopters is proposed. Planned site for the staff quarters has also been moved.

“Culrain Hall Committee gathered 47 positive votes to proceed with the Community Right to Buy action and is now going down that route. The land within that proposal is outwith the 56 acres which the developer wishes to purchase from the Forestry Commission, apart from one corner which affords a viewpoint. It is hoped the developer will agree to this proposal.”

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