Published: 17/10/2017 11:19 - Updated: 17/10/2017 11:22

Curfew restrictions for Tain man


The case was before Tain Sheriff Court.
The case was before Tain Sheriff Court.


A TAIN man who sent his former partner a text message threatening to kill her, has had his liberty restricted.

Liam Nicolson is under a curfew preventing him from leaving his home at Mansfield estate in the evening and overnight.

And Sheriff Chris Dickson ordered at Tain Sheriff Court yesterday that the 27-year-old be electronically tagged to ensure he did not flout the ban.

However, Nicolson’s defence agent dismissed his client’s threat as merely “hot air” and said he would have never carried it out.

The court heard Nicolson had been in a relationship with his ex for seven years but it ended in October 2016.

The two had been exchanging “spiteful” communications over an issue but then Nicolson went one step further on Sunday, July 16, prosecutor Robert Weir said.

He told the court: “The accused sent two particular text messages to his former partner, one of which said: ‘I am going to f****** kill you, simple as that’.

“The matter was reported to police and on the Monday morning, the accused was detained in relation to this. He cooperated with police and admitted sending the text.

“He was later cautioned and charged and he replied: ‘Yeah man, let’s get her texts on the record. She provoked this and I am about to get landed for this. She is f****** scum.’”

Nicolson admitted at an earlier court sending messages that were offensive. Sentence was deferred for background reports.

Defence agent Rory Gowans said: “This was two-way, albeit Mr Nicolson accepts he took it beyond that and into the criminal domain. There is a history of health difficulties that make him susceptible to provocation.

“He lost it and sent a number of messages he did not mean and had no intention of carrying out. It was hot air - no more than that. Anger management is one of his issues.”

Sheriff Chris Dickson placed Nicolson on a community payback order with the requirement that he be supervised by social workers for a year.

The sheriff also placed him on a restriction of liberty order for 72 days, requiring him to wear a tag and remain at home between 9pm and 6am.

The sheriff told him: “Clearly what is in the text is unacceptable. You come across well in the background report but to seem to react badly in certain circumstances.”

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