Published: 10/02/2016 14:29 - Updated: 10/02/2016 14:31

Council object to Caplich wind farm application

The decision was taken under delegated powers.
The decision was taken under delegated powers.

THE Highland Council have lodged an objection to the proposed Caplich wind farm, north of Oykel Bridge, under delegated powers on Monday.

The decision was taken by council planning officials, after consultation with local councillors.

It was expected that the controversial application – for 20 turbines – would be heard at next Tuesday’s north planning committee.

But the three local councillors are asked if they want it to go to committee, with the majority view upheld. But only one of the three responded and so it was, instead, decided under delegated powers.

The proposed development and the construction of an extensive network of access roads is now in the hands of the Scottish Government, with the Highland Council being consultees.

The John Muir Trust has welcomed the decision. Their policy officer, John Low, said: “The objection is in line with a string of decisions last year to refuse applications for large-scale wind farms at Limekilns, Allt Duine, Carn Gorm, Glencassley and Sallachy.

“We are heartened that wild land is now is receiving the protection it deserves from local and national government – and  hopeful that this commitment will be further reinforced when Highland councillors consider  the Gordonbush extension next Tuesday.”

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