Published: 14/12/2017 14:51 - Updated: 14/12/2017 15:04

Council do their best in severe weather says leader


Concern over lack of gritting on icy roads.
Concern over lack of gritting on icy roads.


There have been many complaints over the past few days about the icy roads and pavements in the Highland Council area.

The exceptionally slippery pavements have resulted in many people taking to walking on the roads instead, a potentially very dangerous choice, especially on the A9.

Highland Council leader Margaret Davidson has issued the following statement this morning:

"For the last two years we have protected the winter maintenance budget and we have also increased investment in roads maintenance so there hasn't been a reduction in services.

"There has been a lot of work during this cold snap but it has been freeze, thaw, freeze thaw and every time it rains the grit is washed away then the rain water freezes over so I appreciate how difficult getting around has been.

"We are getting compalints about a lack of weekend gritting and also about the pavements not being gritted so we need to look at that and decide if we need to do more.

"The staff out there are doing their level best, there is no lack of will or work, but it has been very demanding over the last week.

"We will hold a review as soon as possible and make any necessary changes but it has to be within the budget we have.”

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