Published: 29/02/2016 16:38 - Updated: 29/02/2016 16:40

Young driver who knocked down child skateboarder escapes road ban

Case heard at Tain today.
Case heard at Tain today.

AN inexperienced young driver knocked a child skateboarder down at a pedestrian crossing in an Easter Ross village.

But 20-year-old Liam Creighton, Burnside, Alness, this week escaped a road ban after a court heard he had gone to the aid of his 13-year-old victim and admitted his guilt.

Creighton had only been driving for 20 months when he ran into the youngster on Alness High Street just after 8pm on Sunday, September 20.

David Morton, prosecuting, told Tain Sheriff Court today: “The complainer, who was aged 13, was riding on his skate board, having been playing with friends.

“Essentially, he was crossing a pedestrian  crossing and Mr Creighton failed to stop in time and collided with the child, causing him to fall to the ground.

“The youngster suffered minor bruising as a result of the incident but did not require any formal medical treatment.

“He was upset and crying, as would be expected of anyone, especially someone of this age. Mr Creighton did stop and was cooperative with police.”

Creighton, a barman, appeared for sentencing at today’s court, having previously admitted driving without due care and attention.

Defence agent Roger Webb said his client had been returning from work at the time the accident happened. It was dark and raining.

The lawyer said: “Mr Creighton appreciates he should have stopped. He saw the young boy late on and attempted to stop and clipped him as he came to a halt.

“He went to the assistance of the boy and did what he could. He also pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.”

Mr Webb said Creighton had passed his driving test on January 21 2014 and could be disqualified under the Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995 which states that new drivers who amass six or more points within two years of passing their test stand to have their licences revoked.

Mr Webb asked that Creighton be allowed to retain his licence because he was “not a person who is likely to appear in court again and his response to this has been exemplary in that he assisted his victim and immediately admitted guilt”.

Passing sentence Sheriff Chris Dickson said: “This was obviously an upsetting incident for the young boy but I accept what your solicitor said that you took appropriate action.”

He imposed a £300 fine with four penalty points.

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